About Root Canal Treatment

Root Canal Re-treatment Explained

Root canal treated tooth with decay and abscess

Decay underneath the crown on this tooth has resulted in the root canal becoming infected and an abscess froming at the root tip. This root canal treatment will need to be re-done.

Occasionally, teeth which have undergone root canal treatment can become infected. This usually happens when there is further decay after the root canal treatment is completed, or sometimes when there was a problem with the initial treatment. Bacteria can pass from the decay past the root canal treatment and cause an infection in the bone around the root tip.

In order to save this tooth, the root canal treatment will usually need to be re-done. We call this root canal re-treatment. This procedure can be technically challenging and often advanced equipment is required to carry it out. The procedure involves removing the crown and the old root canal filling before cleaning the canals. Often medicine may be placed inside the tooth to help the infection heal. The root canals are then re-filled and a new crown placed.

In some cases, your Endodontist may recommend a surgical treatment called apicectomy. If you suspect you may have continued infection associated with a tooth which has had root canal treatment, it should be examined by an Endodontist.