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What is the Difference Between an Endodontist and a Dentist?

Specialised equipment required for root canal treatment

Endodontists use specialised equipment such as the operating microscope to allow them to perform procedures that are otherwise impossible

An Endodontist is a specialist in root canal treatment, and usually restricts their practice to root canal related treatments. Dentists are very skilled at a wide variety of treatments to help keep your mouth healthy, and are also able to perform root canal treatment. Some dentists have an interest in root canal treatment and may be quite experienced, but if a root canal treatment is difficult, there has been a problem during treatment, or the dentist just wants to achieve the best possible result for you, they may refer you to a specialist. Because Endodontists only manage root canal related problems, they are often treating more difficult cases and have highly specialised equipment required for complex cases, they can complete the root canal treatment to the highest possible standard.

Because Endodontists restrict themselves to root canal treatment, they usually do not place crowns or fillings. Dentists are very skilled at this type of treatment and when the root canal treatment is completed, you will be referred back to your dentist for the final restoration of the tooth. For further information on the training that an Endodontist undertakes, click here.

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