About Root Canal Treatment

Is Root Canal Treatment Painful?

Is Root Canal Treatment Painful?

Don’t beleive everything you hear about root canal treatment.

Over the years, root canal (endodontic) treatment has developed a bad name when it comes to stories about how painful the procedure is. As root canal treatment specialists, we tend to see the most difficult cases and on occasions, patients are already in some level of discomfort when they are referred to us. As a result, we are trained in techniques to prevent and manage pain for these particular cases.

Although we use techniques to prevent discomfort, it would be unfair to give a 100% guarantee that a procedure will be completely pain free. That said, it is rare for us to experience problems with patients suffering pain during treatment. On the rare occasion that the anaesthetic is not working as it should, we will never keep going with the treatment as there is always a way to manage this situation.

Sometimes, after root canal treatment, the tooth will be tender for a few days, and occasionally a couple of weeks before it returns to normal. This is not necessarily a sign that something is wrong, but is part of the normal healing process. It also sometimes happens that a tooth will feel slightly unusual for an extended period after treatment. An example of this is when the tooth feels different to your other teeth when you tap on it. Again, this is not necessarily a sign that something is wrong, but if you are concerned about any aspect of your root canal treatment, you should have it checked out by a specialist.